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Antique Glass

Replacement Antique Glass Lamp Shades – Easy Ways to Find Antique Glass Lamp Shades

Finding a replacement antique glass lamp shade can be a difficult task especially if you are looking for an exact replica of the original one. There could be many reasons why you are looking for a lamp shade with that exactly matches the original one. One of the reasons could be the original one is broken and creating an ugly look to the entire home interior design style or even you want to expand the lighting theme of your home into a newly build or added room.

No matter what the reason could be but finding the antique glass lamp shade for replacing one can be a real task for you. The very first place where you can look for is the manufacturer of the original shade. If the company refuses to replace it then there are many local stores who sell antique pieces. You can carry a photograph of the glass lamp shade you are looking for and visit their store to have a look at their collection.

The photograph can give you a clear idea of what will fit the best option if you fail to find the exact replica of the broken original shade. Another place where you should look for is auctions of antique pieces held in your local area. Many newspaper classifieds will mention the location ad date of the auctions happening in your area. You can find many more beautiful antique pieces there if you truly love collecting them.

Looking for online auctions website is another very good option to look for a replacement antique glass lamp shade. Many websites allow user to post your requirement on their websites so that other users can see and respond to your request. If you can post a picture of your shade then it’s possible that someone many have to sell their exact lamp shade to you.

The last option in getting the lamp shade could be to find someone to manufacture the exact glass lamp shade as per your requirement. This can be a little expensive but will definitely give satisfactory results.

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