Witch Halloween

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Witch Halloween

Halloween – Salem, Massachusetts

In celebration of the upcoming season, I’ve decided to dedicate this site to the best places to experience the magic of Halloween and there’s no better place to start than Salem, Massachusetts.

Let’s get the major drawback out of the way first. Salem is one of – if not <em>the</em> – prime locations to celebrate Halloween, so expect anything within the city limits to be booked solid well in advance of October. That being said, this guide would be all but useless if I didn’t include a few interesting places to stay.

First on my list would have to be The Inn on Washington Square. The room rates range frome $100 (The Common Room) to $225 (The Honeymoon Suite) and there’s a two night minimum on all weekend and Haunted Happernings stays, which makes it one of the more expensive Bed and Breakfasts I’ve looked into. However, not only has it recieved great reviews, its genuinely haunted and is an ideal spot for the vacationing ghost hunter. For more details, see The Inn on Washington Square</a>.

For those interested in a little less kitsch, The Salem Inn  – comprised of three historic homes and “centrally located in the heart of historic Salem” – may very well be the place for you. Prices range from $190 (Captain West House) to $350 (Peabody House).

Again, since its a little late in the season, your best option would be staying in nearby Danvers, MA at Extended Stay America Boston – Danvers (5.21 miles from Washington Square). Their average daily rate is $91. Danvers is most widely known for its association with the 1692 Salem witch trials. The house of one of the convicted “witches,” Rebecca Nurse, is still standing in Danvers and can be visited as a historical landmark.

Throughout October you can take part in “America’s most exciting Halloween Festival”, Salem Haunted Happenings. In its 28th year, Haunted Happenings kicks off October 1st with the Salem Chamber of Commerce Grand Parade and ends October 31st with  The Reality Bites Costume Ball at the Hawthorne Hotel.

Also throughout October is the Festival of the Dead, “an annual event series that explores death’s macabre customs, heretical histories, and strange rituals”. Highlights include:
<em>The Retro Zombie Ball 
Spectral Evidence: Ghost Hunting 101
The Annual Psychic Fair and Witchcraft Expo
Death and Rebirth: Ritual Transformation
The Vampires’ Masquerade Ball
The Mourning Tea </em>
<em>Messages from the Spirit World: Salem’s Only Authentic Séance.</em>
The Festival ends on October 30th at the Hawthorn Hotel with “the world’s most exclusive Halloween event”, <em> The Official Salem Witches‘ Halloween Ball</em>. For more details, visit the Festival of the Dead.

Now would be a good time to mention (to the aspiring paranormal investigator) that the Hawthorne Hotel is also supposedly haunted. In fact – as you probably suspect – there are tons of haunted locations in Salem, including Gallows Hill, The Ward House and Saint Mary’s Cemetary. For more locations, check out Shadowlands Haunted Places Index.

As you can see, Salem is filled with places for spook-tacular adventures (sorry…I couldn’t help myself) but please remember, infamous footnote in history aside, there’s more to “The Witch City” than ghosts and witches, including (but not limited to) the oldest National Historic Site in America, Salem Maritime National Historic Site.

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This is Halloween (WITCH Style)

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Vampire Bat

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Vampire Bat
Is it possible to create a halfbreed human/vampire bat?

Kinda like making a vampire, or like creating a werewolf with human and wolf halfbreed.

Not without genetic engineering. then again Count chocula……

Vampire Bats

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Halloween Horror

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Halloween Horror

Batman Costumes: One Of The Most Popular Costumes Available For This Halloween

Dark Knight, the latest Batman film and also one of the most remarkable, has reinforced in us an even more lasting impression of the DC Comics superhero and the host of villains that try to conquer him. The Joker, among others, is one of the most memorable, all thanks to the late Heath Ledger’s impressive portrayal. Although Dark Knight was released in 2008, there is going to be no question about it-Batman Halloween costumes will still be a hot hit this year.

Batman Costume – Muscle Chest

$59.99 (Retail $64.99)

Batman Costume – Muscle Chest (Men’s Adult Medium)

Gotham City is being over run by criminals that are intent on discovering the true identity of Batman. One villain especially, The Joker, tries many different ways to expose the “real Batman.” We, the consumers of the movies and the comic are all too aware that the “real Batman” is indeed Bruce Wayne. A billionaire, industrialist and an American playboy with all the wealth and the power to afford the cool toys, vehicles and costumes that make this character so iconic. The costume he wears is instantly recognizable with the skin tight body suit and the cape.

Batman in the Burton films was very dark and mysterious. He was not a comic character in the same way that the earlier TV version of the superhero was depicted to be in any way, shape or form. This Batman should be a morose-looking figure, with a deep, dark side that he hides from the world and depending on the likes and dislikes of your child, Burton’s depiction of Batman might just be the ticket for a successful night of Halloween horror on the streets of your home town.

Batman – Gotham Girls DC Comics Batgirl Costume (Women’s Adult Costume)

$54.99 (Retail $69.99)

Batman – Gotham Girls DC Comics Batgirl Costume (Women’s Adult Medium

Batman is a hero that crops up at the Halloween festivities year after year. The Batman in the Dark Knight encountered a few distinctive problems, but his suit seemed to be as good as ever and the officially licensed Halloween costumes are designed to match. Perfect if you’re going with a pal and want to play arch rivals for the night!

While Batman costume can be worn at any time of the year in a theme-based party or for fancy dress, it is especially at Halloween that the costume for Batman generates most interest. A superhero introduced in 1939, Batman has come to command a wide popularity in the ensuing years. Despite being around for many years now, Batman still enjoys a unique appeal among young and old alike. Each year around Halloween, there are many searches conducted online regarding how to make Batman costume. Today, there are many websites on the Internet that offer step-by-step directions for making perfect costumes for Halloween. Keeping in mind the fact that people differ from each other in their likes and preferences, websites offer Halloween costumes of a wide variety. With ghost and vampire costumes on one hand and costumes for superheroes and cartoon characters on the other; options for Halloween costumes are indeed limitless.

Batman – Robin Costume – Deluxe

$54.99 (Retail $55.99)

Eyemask, cape, jumpsuit with attached boot tops and belt

The really great thing about the whole Batman costume genre is that because there is a wide range of choice then the group Halloween theme is there for the taking. Whether you are a family, group of friends or co-workers then why not choose the Batman theme and really liven up your Halloween celebrations.

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Halloween Horror – Scary Sounds and Music

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Costume Halloween

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Costume Halloween

Adult Halloween Costumes: Halloween Costumes to Rock Your Night

Deciding on what Halloween costumes people have to wear can sometimes be tiring.  Determining which adult Halloween costumes will stand out is another mind boggling chore.  But today people are afforded with a wide array of online stores that offer and provide just the right products and services people desire.  Hollywood Exoticwear is one such store.  Make your choice and get the best results ever.


Whatever theme parties you are having or you desire very exciting Halloween costumes, the online store can very well answer your needs at prices which are equally incredibly low.  Adult Halloween costumes ranging from a wrapped up witch complete with broomstick and black cape to an adult vixen pirate costume.  You name it you will get it.  You will be surprised to find that there are more costumes you have not even thought of nor heard about until now.   Make it funny, make it extraordinary and unique, there is always one for your creative imagination.  You will never be disappointed.


Pick from a variety of attire that suits how you feel at that moment.  An extra appealing costume can do wonders.  Your night will truly be special.  Costumes can transform your personality.  It can show the other side of you dying to be discovered for fun and pleasure.  The experience can revive a dying ember or stimulate the mind bringing it to a loftier level of experience.  Adult Halloween costumes are just kids Halloween costumes made charming and playful.  The accessory such as an apron is given a twist that will make it appear appealing and attractive.


Costumes for role playing are high limiting at Hollywood Exoticwear.  You can be a French maid or a corrupt cop or be in a devil’s outfit or bunny outfit you have the power to wear whichever costume delights your fancy.  They come in different sizes and colors.  Your options are not confining.  Just a little stretching of the imagination can make your night a blast.  Hollywood Exoticwear can unburden things for you.


Halloween costumes are given a new treatment to make it fun for adults too.  Since Halloween festivities are not a monopoly of children.  The trick or treat can be impish, mischievous, and wicked.  This holds true for both adult men and women.  Both are given that chance and opportunity to express them freely and powerfully.  It is an all night fun of entertainment and amusement so sky is the limit.   


Hollywood Exoticwear continues to support your fanciful dreams with its huge assortment of costumes and accessories.  The store is hoping that your night will be as wondrous as you have planned it to be.  It assists you in hitting your desired objectives and goals.  Nothing can ever be more fantastic and fabulous than wonderful experience of at Hollywood Exoticwear.  Halloween costumes and adult Halloween costumes at prices within your reach shipped at an orderly shipping procedure that is respectable and honest. 


When you enter the portals of the online store you will be amazed to find a superb collection of Halloween costumes at prices that no competitors can beat.  In there you can find adult Halloween costumes and their accessories to finalize your garb.  Because the collection is wide as your imagination it is ascertained that you will be a standout.  Customer service and support will assist you in your buying decisions.




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Hollywood Exoticwear makes shopping experience as pleasurable as in picking your desired Halloween costumes and adult Halloween costumes.

Halloween Costumes : Hats for a Mime Halloween Costume

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Lemax Spooky

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Lemax Spooky
anyone know where i can enter a lemax spooky town contest? ?

hi i have a lemax spooky town collection and last year i entered a contest were i sent in pictures of my town and then they judged it but i forgot where this website was. can anyone help please?

It doesn’t say anything about 2008, but this seems to be the site:


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Prop Decoration

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Prop Decoration

Finest Halloween Props Plans Ever!

Halloween has turned into a great holiday, full of fun ghoulish decorations and silly costumes. You can add to the fun and perfect the look with a selection of holiday-themed props.

Decoration Props

Decoration props sit, hang or otherwise remain still. They can decorate within or outside of the home.

Standard round gravestones make for a great prop to use for a front garden graveyard. But even cooler are the centuries-old Saxon Cross tombstones that really add a feeling of style.

A fog maker is another excellent addition to the tool kit, both for graveyard scenes and near the front door. They can run for several hours and create just the right atmosphere for a scary Halloween scene.

What would Halloween be without heaps of scary bats? Evoking vampires, dark caves and things that grab your hair in the night, they’re the perfect prop to add to your vacation fun.
Costume Props

Masses of decisions there.

One is an easy skeleton’s arm that pokes out above the back of your collar. Sew it to an undershirt and let the hand grab the back of your neck. Add to the effect with a little stage blood and you’ve a great looking prop. Fake hands are a staple of Halloween props, just as they’re in horror films. Sprinkle a little stage blood on the end and let it sit on your shoulder. Sit one on a table to protect your drink. Creep out your date by dangling it above her head as she adjusts her costume in the mirror. Use your macabre imagination, you’ll find twelve uses for these props.

Your character this year could be Leatherface, Jason, or Freddy Kruger, 2 favorites of many Halloween partygoers.

And there are plenty.
An animated gargoyle is the ideal prop for the front door. Or, put one in the window and let some sound effects complete the ghoulish display. Coffin lids that open by themselves are always great fun at Halloween. Put a leaping spider or flying bats inside and nobody will want any candy after that.
Complete your party fun with the right props for decorating Halloween, shop wisely with online discount voucher codes and get the most fun possible out of this spooky holiday.

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The author is an online trader and freelance writer. When shopping online use discount voucher codes from http://mydiscountvouchercodes.co.uk/discounts for great savings.

Halloween Graveyard Angel Cemetery Prop Decoration DIY

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Party Halloween

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Party Halloween
I am having a halloween party ideas for children and parents?

I am having a halloween party for adults and children Im wanting some fun simple reciepes and game ideas.


Halloween Party – Part 2

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Gothic Halloween

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Gothic Halloween
Does anyone have creative ideas for a Victorian-Gothic Vampire wedding for Halloween?

Hot Topic has great stuff, as for ideas, lots of black and red, fog machines, lilies are good flowers. Lots of glass and candles. tables could be the names of Vampires like Lucius table , Marcus Table, from Underworld instead of using numbers. Not sure how far you want to go. Don’t know much about Twilight

Halloween Series: Victorian Gothic Circus Makeup Tutorial

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Mask Don

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Mask Don
How do you make a homemade mask?

I want to make masks for the masquerade mask at our school. Does anyone know how to make a cute mask. I don’t want to buy one.

google it

Duck Tales – 010 -1/3 The Duck In The Iron Mask

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Mask Mardi

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Mask Mardi
Make-up to wear underneath Mardi Gras/Carnival mask?

Hey! I’m getting married January 24, and my maid of honor told me my bachelorette party is going to be January 17. Among many assorted adventures she has planned, all the girls will be donning masquerade masks for our night out. She wanted me to go ahead and pick out my mask, and it got me started thinking about my make-up.

I know I want BIG eyelashes and dramatic eye make-up. Think sparkle and WOW! Any ideas of sites that have examples of make-up styles the girls and I can play around with?

Here are a couple of my favorite masks to give you an idea of my favorite styles.





or one of these:

Treat yourself and go to the salon and have them do your hair and makeup- bring the mask with you.

Making Masks for Kids

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